MỚI Top 30 Món ngon Đà Lạt, đặc sản Đà Lạt ngon đáng thưởng thức nhất

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An ideal tourist destination like Da Lat is indispensable delicious food in Dalat featured. This country will bring in unforgettable specialties for visitors. Let’s find out together!



30 Da Lat delicacies, delicious specialties worth enjoying when traveling30 Da Lat delicacies, delicious specialties worth enjoying when travelingIn Da Lat, there are many strawberry gardens for visitors to choose from. However, the price of strawberries will be more expensive when buying from the store because of the fresh quality of the strawberries and the garden owner has no control over the amount of strawberries tourists eat in the garden.

And also depending on the type of strawberry and the season, the price of strawberries may vary. Strawberries in Da Lat are the most wonderful fruit that nature bestows. This is called Da Lat speciality.

Address: Uncle Hung’s strawberry garden – 143 Thanh Mau, Da Lat

Mr. Hoa’s strawberry garden – Dong Da, Da Lat Đà

Strawberry garden 88 – Address: 88 Thanh Mau

  1. Beef hotpot

30 delicious Dalat dishes, delicious specialties worth enjoying when travelingComing to Da Lat is having to eat beef hot pot. Under cool weather, especially on cold days, a beef hot pot is a great choice.

The best and most popular beef hotpot is beef hot pot with beef, oxtail, and beef leg. Please enjoy delicious food in Dalat this.

Address: Ba Toa beef hot pot – Go restaurant: 1/29 Hoang Dieu

Hanh beef hot pot – 95 Bui Thi Xuan

Phan Rang beef hot pot – 15 B Quang Trung

  1. Baked rolls

Unlike grilled spring rolls in many other places, Dalat grilled spring rolls have their own unique flavors. Made from pureed pork, seasoned with onions and garlic and then firmly grasped with chopsticks or lemongrass.

Then grill over charcoal until golden brown. This is really a dish to enjoy in delicious dishes in Dalat.

Address: Ninh Hoa Ngoc Tien grilled spring rolls – No. 22, Tran Quy Cap, Da Lat, Lam Dong

Mrs. Hung grilled spring rolls – 328 Phan Dinh Phung, Ward 2, Da Lat

  1. Wet cake with chicken hearts

30 delicious Dalat dishes, delicious specialties worth enjoying when travelingWet cakes are strangely prepared with meat and chicken hearts. The combination of soft wet cake with sweet and fragrant chicken and chewy pork or chicken intestines creates an interesting dish.

Wet rice cake is plain rice mixed with tapioca flour and tapioca to create aroma and flexibility. Rice must be soaked for a certain time to create plasticity.

Address: Quan Trang – 15F Truong Cong Dinh

Quan Long – Alley 202, Lot A16 KQH Phan Dinh PhungQH

  1. Bread shumai

If many types of bread are processed with meat and vegetables in the filling, Da Lat’s shumai bread is different.

This dish is separated from everything and eaten in the style of bread dipping. Banh mi shumai often has pork skin, little herbs, can add pickles to be delicious. And surely this becomes delicious food in Dalat at night.

Address: Ms. Suong’s bread – 14 Lights, Ward 1, Da Lat

Ha Bread – No. 137, February 3rd, Da Lat

  1. Baked rice paper

30 delicious Dalat dishes, delicious specialties worth enjoying when travelingGrilled rice paper is a type of rice cake that is baked with eggs, scallions, dried chicken, dried beef, sausage, and cheese. Accompanied by chili sauce, tamarind sauce. Combine them into delicious baked rice paper.

Depending on the preferences of each visitor, the cake will be baked according to different guests. Baked rice paper is one of the Da Lat speciality can not be ignored.

Address: Co Hoa grilled rice paper – 56 Thong Thien Hoc, city. Da Lat

Baked rice paper by Aunt Dinh – No. 26 Hoang Dieu, City. Da Lat

  1. Butter cream

30 delicious Dalat dishes, delicious specialties worth enjoying when travelingWhether it’s summer or winter, avocado ice cream is always a favorite Dalat delicacy. The feeling of the rich taste of butter being dissolved with cream in the mouth is nothing better.

Address: Thanh Thao avocado ice cream – No. 76 Nguyen Van Troi, city. Da Lat

Kem Phung – No. 97A Nguyen Van Troi, Da Lat City

  1. Can cake

30 delicious Dalat dishes, delicious specialties worth enjoying when travelingDelicious food in Da Lat The best known is this can cake. At a glance, it can be seen that the shape of banh can is quite similar to banh khot but the ingredients are different.

The filling of the cake can be chicken eggs, quail eggs, minced beef, onion sprouts, seafood served with fish sauce or fish sauce, or you can mix the two together. Dipping sauce is a very important step to enjoy banh can.

Address: Can cake with avocado tree – No. 56 Tang Bat Ho, Ward 1, City, Da Lat

Banh Can Xuan An – No. 1 Nha Chung, Ward 3, City. Da Lat

  1. Noodle soup

30 delicious Dalat dishes, delicious specialties worth enjoying when travelingSurely, vermicelli is the delicious dish in Da Lat that many tourists find the most interesting. Noodle soup includes delicious flavors from seafood, snakehead fish, fish cakes, and broth. Served with herbs is always delicious.

Address: Cafe acoustic memory – 24 B Hung Vuong (next to Rainy garden cafe)

Cafe Phot – No. 45 Pham Ngu Lao – right at the Hotel Past and Present

  1. Cheese yogurt

30 delicious Dalat dishes, delicious specialties worth enjoying when travelingThis is delicious food in Dalat It is loved by many tourists, especially women. The delicious, fatty, sour and aromatic taste of fresh milk really captivates the taste buds of those who enjoy it.

Address: Ms. Suong’s shop – No. 11/1B Khe Sanh, city. Da Lat

Cheese Yaourt Restaurant in Chinese Temple – 48 Khe Sanh, Chinese Temple

  1. Vegetable buffet

30 delicious Dalat dishes, delicious specialties worth enjoying when travelingIt sounds strange because so far there has only been a meat buffet, but it is hard to believe that there is also a vegetable buffet. This dish has not been known for a long time. Vegetables are always fresh and guaranteed because Da Lat is blessed with cool air by nature.

You can choose vegetables and eat with hot pot. One of delicious food in Dalat Recently sought after is this vegetable buffet.

Address: Leguda Restaurant – No. 8 Dong Da – Ward 3

  1. Beef rice noodles

30 delicious Dalat dishes, delicious specialties worth enjoying when travelingThe noodles in Da Lat are not too big or too small, but just right and firm. The broth is always sweet from the bones and the beef is tender, not mushy. Adding a little spice like lemon slices, chili and herbs is the perfect taste of this dish.

Address: Thien Trang beef noodle soup – No. 2 – Ho Tung Mau

Vy Vy beef noodle soup – number 202 – Phan Dinh Phung

  1. Noodles

30 delicious Dalat dishes, delicious specialties worth enjoying when travelingQuang noodle is delicious food in Dalat with yellow noodles, sprinkled with peanuts and baked rice paper and served with quail eggs and meat. In Da Lat, the meat in Quang noodles is pork. This dish anyone who comes to Dalat should try it once.

Address: Xuan An Quang Noodles – 23 Nha Chung Street, Ward 1, City. A Lat

Quang noodle shop – No. 35A Hoang Dieu, Da Lat.

  1. crispy pink

30 delicious Dalat dishes, delicious specialties worth enjoying when travelingThere are two different types of flathead roses and whirlwind eggs. Although they have different characteristics, the taste is basically the same. Crispy persimmon is a fruit that any visitor coming here should try delicious food in Dalat this.

Address: Crispy persimmon is available in markets around Da Lat

  1. Chicken hot pot with leaves

30 delicious Dalat dishes, delicious specialties worth enjoying when travelingA hot pot has about half a chicken cut into pieces. You can call more depending on the number of people. There is also a plate of large vermicelli noodles, a plate of oyster mushrooms, a few bamboo shoots and pieces of chess and of course a plate of é leaves.

The hot pot broth here has an aromatic, pungent taste of chili, which is very suitable for the typical cold air of Da Lat.

Address: Tao Ngo shop at the beginning of 3/4 street (about 2km from Xuan Huong Lake)

  1. Porridge

Porridge is a delicious dish in Da Lat at night, which is both nutritious and warms the hearts of diners walking around at night. There are many types of porridge for visitors to choose from, so you can go to a few places below.

Address: Maria’s Frog Porridge Singapore – 56 Phan Nhu Thach.

Chicken porridge shop – sidewalk of Phan Boi Chau street

Chicken porridge shop – Phan Boi Chau

  1. Tea hehe

The quality of the tea is delicious, the sweetness is moderate, the hot tea is served with fatty coconut milk, the corn tea is cooked with flexibility, the beans are very soft, the flesh is fragrant, but when eaten hot, it tastes better. There are many kinds of tea such as common tea, water drifting tea, banana tea, white bean, etc.

Address: No. 1A, 3/2 Street, City. Da Lat

  1. Banh beo

30 delicious Dalat dishes, delicious specialties worth enjoying when travelingThe cake is quite soft, similar to the cake of the West. The banh beo of the West is small, and this cake is big, with dried pork skin on top.

The combination of delicious fish sauce is delicious and round. Eat and remember forever. Definitely a must try delicious food in Dalat this is it.

Address: Banh beo Ba Huong – No. 402 Phan Dinh Phung, Ward 2, City. Da Lat

  1. Grilled meat tile

30 delicious Dalat dishes, delicious specialties worth enjoying when travelingIf you are a lover of grilled food, love spicy, spicy dishes, this is a perfect choice. The days of Da Lat are a bit chilly and rainy, but there is nothing like eating daily dishes.

Address: Spicy – ​​365 Phan Dinh Phung

Grilled tile shop – number 1 Thien My

  1. Soymilk

30 delicious Dalat dishes, delicious specialties worth enjoying when travelingOne delicious food in Dalat at night Another indispensable thing is the warm cups of soy milk next to the cakes. Don’t forget because this will be a beautiful memory of your night when staying in Da Lat.

Address: 64 Tang Bat Ho, City. Da Lat

  1. Com Nieu

30 delicious Dalat dishes, delicious specialties worth enjoying when travelingEach pot of rice is cooked quite meticulously, it must be clever to have a thin layer of burnt on the bottom of the pot, the rice is always flexible and fragrant. In particular, do not let the rice get too dry, which can make people feel bored.

Accompanying the rustic rice cookers are other rustic dishes such as sautéed broccoli with garlic, sautéed lily with pork, braised goby with pepper, and mixed figs, just like a meal together with the family during the holidays.

Address: Rice pot Nhu Ngoc – No. 19/8 Ho Tung Mau, city. Da Lat

  1. Snails stuffed with meat

Snails stuffed with meat must be no stranger to those who have ever set foot in and enjoyed Da Lat cuisine. Snail meat is mixed with minced lean meat, combined with spices, lemongrass, stuffed in the shell, steamed.

Address: 33 Hai Ba Trung street

  1. Chicken vermicelli

The vermicelli is tough, not friable and soft, and the chicken is always tough as standard chicken. Most importantly, the broth is delicious, sweet and meaty. Adding green onions to create a delicious and attractive bowl of vermicelli. Worthy is delicious food in Dalat.

Address: Ba Nga Chicken Noodles – No. 52 Nguyen Chi Thanh

  1. Pancakes

This banh xeo shop is very famous, the shop sells delicious banh xeo + spring rolls + spring rolls, the price here is also very affordable, with a clear price list.

Address: Co Chi pancakes – Address: No. 43B, 3/2 street, Da Lat city

  1. Fried rice

Cha ram is both a snack and a food in a family meal. Crispy ram shell wrapped inside is meat, wood ear, vegetables, … dipped with its own delicious dipping sauce.

Address: Tan Long corn cake shop – The shop is opposite Nguyen Trai school, Bui Thi Xuan street

  1. skewers

Enough skewered food from pork to chicken, including chicken feet or hot pot dishes suitable for those who like to drink. Walking around Da Lat and sipping a skewer is the best.

Address: Queen’s skewers shop – 424 Tran Phu, Da Lat City

  1. seafood

Famous for its delicious and cheap steamed clams, there are also grilled scallops with onion fat.. There are many kinds of fresh seafood that visitors can choose and prepare according to their needs.

Address: Seafood restaurant – 7B Bui Thi Xuan, Da Lat City

  1. Coffee

Sipping a cup of coffee in the middle of a dream city is the most romantic thing. Choose for yourself a quiet coffee shop and enjoy.

Address: Coffee Pho, No. 45 Pham Ngu Lao, Da Lat City.

  1. Thai Nguyen tea

Tea is a familiar dish for many people, but it is rare to get a really good cup of tea with fastidious customers. Dalat always has its own tea flavor.

And Thai tea is the hottest dish when it is popular with many diners recently. Delicious, fatty coconut milk and many other types of jelly and beans.

Address: Nhu Y tea – No. 102A, 3/2 street, city. Da Lat

  1. Snacks

This is considered as the culinary paradise of Da Lat at night because there are many snack shops. The number of guests flocking here is very large and enjoying the variety of snacks of delicious food in Dalat at night.

Address: Da Lat night market

Da Lat is a famous tourist destination and worth going. So before coming to Da Lat, please equip yourself with luggage delicious food in Dalat here you go. You will not worry about being hungry in Dalat.

Perform: Diep Chi

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