NEW Dinh Cậu Phú Quốc – Những Thông Tin Hấp Dẫn Và Kinh Nghiệm Du Lịch

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With a history of more than 300 years, Dinh Cau Phu Quoc is a very famous destination in this beautiful island. But before you intend to set foot here, you should also have an understanding of Dinh Cau. Do not rush to leave the article without knowing the interesting information below.

What about the Palace on Phu Quoc island that you still don't know?
What about the Palace on Phu Quoc island that you still don’t know?

Some basic features of Dinh Cau Phu Quoc

To have a perfect trip in Phu Quoc pearl island, especially when exploring Dinh Cau. You also need to know the geographical location, natural setting and history of the place.

Geographical location

Dinh Cau is located in Quarter 2, Duong Dong town on Phu Quoc island. This is known as a famous spiritual tourist destination of the island.

Because it is located in the center of the island, visitors will be very convenient and easy to come to Dinh Cau. You will explore this place without any problems.

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Scenery of nature and people

The natural scenery here is very peaceful with friendly people
The natural scenery here is very peaceful with friendly people

The natural scenery in Dinh Cau Phu Quoc is very cool and fresh. Extremely suitable for visitors to comfortably explore this place. In the dry season, this place is influenced by the northeast monsoon, so there are high winds and strong waves. During the dry season, it is also affected by the southwesterly winds with heavy rain. But in the rainy season, Dinh Cau still has beautiful sunny days.

With the vast and vast sea, local people live by seafaring, catching fish and shrimp. The people here are very rustic and sincere, they are very hospitable and close.

Ideal time to travel

According to the sharing of people who have been to Phu Quoc. The ideal time to visit Dinh Cau is from November to March next year or from April to June. At this time, the climate here is cool, sunny, less rainy and very suitable for sightseeing and exploring. break.

In addition, you can go to Dinh Cau on the full moon of the 10th lunar month. This is the festive season here, so there will be many interesting activities for you to explore.

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Legends about Dinh Cau

There are many legends about Dinh Cau
There are many legends about Dinh Cau

There are many legendary stories told about this land in Phu Quoc. Each story has its own character. All resonate to help us better understand the history of Dinh Cau. Some typical legends include:

The cliff protruding from the sea at Dinh Cau

According to the ancients, Dinh Cau existed around the 17th century. At that time in Phu Quoc, the first people from the Central region came to live. At that time, many fishermen who went to sea encountered storms and could not return.

In the meantime they saw a rocky outcrop that slowly emerged at the entrance and landed on the shore. Residents here consider it a sacred mountain. And they set up shrines to worship, in order to pray to the gods to protect them from the calamities of the sea. Every person here when going out to sea comes here to burn incense and pray. As a result, their trip was calm and the waves were calm. The good news spread far away and from then on, the custom of worshiping at the cliff began to take shape. That cliff was named Dinh Cau.

Lady Chua Thuy and her two sons

Dinh Cau in Phu Quoc is related to the custom of worshiping Mother and Uncle Tai (the youngest son who is most loved by her). During the southern process of reclamation, people called it a deviation from “Cau Tai” to “Cau Tai”. This shows the development in the thinking of the ancient settlers.

At the gate to the mountain, there is a temple of the Earth god. Everyone will have to conquer 29 stone steps to get to the temple. Outside of the temple is the altar “Through Heaven”. Inside the temple, there are statues of 3 people belonging to the beliefs of the Cham people: Mrs. Chua Ngoc, Uncle Tai and Uncle Quy (2 her sons). The temple does not worship the statue of Long Vuong as the name of the temple.

Currently, there are many anecdotes related to this land that are handed down by people from the South to the North. It all comes from worshiping the wrong object of the temple. Modern anecdotes say that Uncle Tai and Uncle Quy are the gods at Dinh Cau. And according to tradition, these two people are very fond of cockfighting and gambling. It is also because of that thought that many “gamblers” from all over the world have come here to visit and pray for luck.

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The Hermit Missionary Man

Legend tells about Dinh Cau festival on Phu Quoc island
Legend tells about Dinh Cau festival on Phu Quoc island

Many seniors in Phu Quoc island have confirmed. At the beginning of the twentieth century, a strange man appeared at the temple of Long Vuong. At first, he stayed in the temple sweeping and burning incense. This man is quiet, communicating with people by signs. Therefore, the people here do not know his hometown.

Everyone here guessed that he was a person from the mainland who went to the island to practice. Later, he did not stay at the temple, but moved to the cave under the big stone to hide. And he used stones to fill the shop. The people of the island were afraid that he would starve to death and brought rice to the entrance of the cave. But the next day, the rice was still the same.

One day, about two years later, they saw him come out of the cave and go up to the temple. He continued with his work as before. But this time he spoke, but remained silent. Every time he spoke, he prophesied the fate of those who came to the temple. Every year, on the 15th and 16th of the 10th lunar month, he sits on the field and distributes fortune to the fishermen. And also during this time, he held a ceremony to worship the Dragon King. From then on, the knitters here called him “Uncle”.

Gia Long travels to Tay Son

In the Nguyen Dynasty, there was a legend that “Uncle Tai and Uncle Quy” were two siblings. They are the children of the Holy Mother of God Ngoc Nuong Nuong. This legend originates from Nha Trang, arising at the same time as the Long Vuong temple in Phu Quoc.

There is another legend said. In 1777, during the battle, Nguyen Anh was pursued by the Tay Son army. He took refuge on Phu Quoc Island. His ship ran aground on a reef. And in the time of danger, Nguyen Anh and his entourage prayed to Ms. Chua Ngoc to help her through the accident. He also promised that after taking back the dynasty, he would confer the title of “Upper Supreme Spirit God” to her.

After praying, suddenly a fisherman on the shore saw the ship aground and used a rope to pull the boat out of the accident area. Everyone is safe. At that time, Nguyen Anh gave the fisherman the title of “team”. Later, Nguyen Anh named this cape Ong Doi.

When he got to the shore, Nguyen Anh used his sword to stick his sword into the rocky crevices on the shore to get fresh water. At the same time, he imprinted his shoes on the rock to leave evidence. And keeping his promise, after taking the throne, he ordained Mrs. Chua Ngoc and built a shrine in Duong Dong. Therefore, the information that Dinh Cau worships Uncle Tai and Uncle Quy is correct. Many people also assert that at Ong Doi cape, there are still traces of Nguyen Anh left.

Fact and legend are the same?

Researchers in Phu Quoc have denied the legend recounted. They went to Ong Doi’s nose to confirm the information. There is a rocky cape protruding to the sea, the scenery is very wild. There are still artifacts of Nguyen Anh such as the throne, the well, the shoe prints and the shrine.

But the throne is like a stone shaped like an armchair. Ngu well is just a stream of water flowing out from a slot, surrounded by cement-building locals. Footprints like someone carved. The temple itself may have existed for a long time.

And the temple of King Gia Long has confirmed that Dinh Cau is not related to Nguyen Anh’s departure to the island. Because if he is ordained, he will also give it to the place where he used to live, which is Ong Doi’s nose. Besides, if calculated according to the way the crow flies, the distance from Ong Doi cape to Dinh Cau is more than 15km.

Dinh Cau travel experience in Phu Quoc

It is not natural that Dinh Cau is famous near and far and is visited by many tourists. According to the Phu Quoc travel experience of many people. Dinh Cau has many places for tourists to visit, explore and experience. Some places can be mentioned such as: Dinh Cau Temple, Dinh Cau night market, festivals, watching the sunset.

Dinh Cau Temple Phu Quoc

Dinh Cau Temple is a spiritual destination for locals and tourists
Dinh Cau Temple is a spiritual destination for locals and tourists

The temple is also known as Long Vuong Temple. This temple was built in 1937 and is a symbol of Phu Quoc. Visitors will have to conquer 29 stone steps to get to the temple.

Dinh Cau was built according to the neo-revival architecture. However, the temple still has the architecture of the pagoda in the North, with a bright red tiled roof, the gate is a curved eaves and on the roof is the image of a two dragons adoring the moon.

According to legend, in the 17th century, fishermen on the island had an accident and a cliff appeared at the mouth of the sea to save them. Since then, people have built shrines to pray to the gods to protect them. Today, on New Year’s holidays or before each sailing trip, fishermen often come here to burn incense and pray for good luck so that everything goes smoothly.

Therefore, Dinh Cau Temple in Phu Quoc becomes a sacred place of worship not only for the people above, but also for tourists coming here. The peaceful and relaxing scenery here is also what attracts visitors.

But there is one thing you also need to keep in mind. When entering the temple, you should dress modestly and politely. Because this is a place to celebrate, it is necessary to show respect and reverence.

Dinh Cau Night Market

Goods and products at Dinh Cau night market are very diverse and rich
Goods and products at Dinh Cau night market are very diverse and rich

This is a tourist discovery spot that attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world. This place is a culinary paradise with a lot of attractive dishes. The market is located at the intersection of Bach Dang and Nguyen Dinh Chieu. The market’s operating hours are from 5pm to 2am the next morning.

You will be overwhelmed by the food stalls when coming to the market. Dinh Cau Market in Phu Quoc has a lot of different dishes, which look very stimulating to the taste buds. You will enjoy dishes made from extremely fresh seafood. The price of seafood is extremely “comfortable”, eat freely without worrying about burning your pocket.

Besides the seafood dishes. You can also enjoy a lot of specialty dishes in other islands. Not stopping there, the market also sells souvenirs and jewelry as gifts that look very special. Especially, the sales people here are very friendly. This is the reason why Dinh Cau night market attracts a large number of tourists. But to avoid being “hacked”, you should ask the price carefully before buying. Rent a motorbike in Phu Quoc Going around the island and exploring the night market is not a bad idea.

Phu Quoc Dinh Cau Festival

This is the biggest festival taking place in Dinh Cau
This is the biggest festival taking place in Dinh Cau

This is the biggest festival of the year here. This festival is held every year on the 15th and 16th of the 10th lunar month. At this time in Dinh Cau, many exciting activities take place. The atmosphere here is also very lively. This is also the reason why this place is so crowded with tourists on this occasion. If you come to Phu Quoc on the full moon of October, do not forget to visit Dinh Cau to immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere here.

See the sunset

The sunset here is so beautiful there are no words to describe it
The sunset here is so beautiful there are no words to describe it

Watching the sunset at Dinh Cau Phu Quoc is a very fascinating experience. The scenery here at sunset is extremely romantic and fanciful, hard to describe in words. The background of the sky is red, there is a color transition from red to purple and then slowly to black.

The sound of the waves crashing, the fresh and airy space coupled with the beautiful scenery, will create a perfect setting for you to watch the sunset.

If you want to find a place to rest in Dinh Cau, it’s not too difficult. Because near this area there are many resorts and hotels. But if you go at peak time, you should book about 1 month in advance.

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In this beautiful island of Kien Giang, there are many places worth visiting. Song Dinh Cau Phu Quoc is a unique and famous spiritual place that you should not miss. Discovering this place, you will have interesting, memorable experiences and especially will understand more about the history of Phu Quoc pearl island.

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