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Dai Lai is an eco-tourism destination that is attracting a large number of “moving” people. The harmonious combination between nature and scenery, this is really an ideal “getaway” place to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city, find a place of peace and relaxation. Join MOTOGO to discover what is so hot about Dai Lai Lake!

Dai Lai
Dai Lai Lake is breathtakingly beautiful from above

Where is Dai Lai?

Dai Lai Lake is located in Ngoc Thanh commune and Dong Xuan ward of Phuc Yen city, Vinh Phuc province. This place is famous as the largest artificial lake in our country. Initially, the lake was built with the purpose of serving agricultural production, as well as releasing floods for the entire area in Vinh Phuc province. Later, with beautiful natural scenery and mild climate, the lake was put into tourism and resort services. Since then, Dai Lai has become an attraction for tourism and resort services.

Where is Dai Lai?
Where is Dai Lai? What does Dai Lai Vinh Phuc have?

Dai Lai is a harmonious combination between a calm lake and majestic natural scenery. With an area of ​​525ha, Dai Lai Lake has the immense green color of the forest. From here, you can look up to the top of Than Lan mountain and the fanciful Tam Dao mountain range. This place is like a colorful picture for the most complete and meaningful vacation.

>>Right near Dai Lai, Tam Dao “foggy town” is also one of the tourist attractions worth trying.

What season is the best weather in Dai Lai?

Dai Lai Lake Vinh Phuc is located in the North of Hanoi, shielded by the majestic Tam Dao mountain range and many other small mountains. Therefore, in the summer, the climate is very cool, the average temperature is about 28 degrees Celsius, the day is sunny, the night is a bit chilly. Many tourists consider Dai Lai as an ideal “sunshine” area for the hot summer.

Dai Lai weather is quite ideal for exploration trips and away from the noise
Dai Lai weather is quite ideal for exploration trips and away from the noise

In winter, Dai Lai Lake is less affected by cold air. Therefore, traveling to Dai Lai in winter is also an interesting experience. However, the most ideal time to travel to Dai Lai is still summer, from April to September of the year.

How far is Dai Lai Lake from Hanoi?

It is about 60km from the center of Hanoi. The distance is also quite convenient and easy to go. It only takes about an hour and a half to get to the resort. Refer to the map below for the most specific route:

The route to move from the center of Hanoi to Dai Lai Vinh Phuc

How to get to Dai Lai Lake by means of transport?

Traveling by self-driving motorbike

Motorcycles are always the ideal choice of travel followers. Traveling by motorbike, you will experience the most authentic, enjoy the feeling of discovering new things yourself. Moreover, traveling Dai Lai by motorbike, you will be able to see the vast and majestic space that nature favors here.

travel by motorbike
Traveling Dai Lai by motorbike always brings great experiences

The starting route goes in the direction of National Highway 2, to the ticket check section of Thang Long – Noi Bai continue to go to the intersection turn left. You go to the end of this road and then turn into Hoa Xuan. Continue going about 10km to Dai Lai. If you come from afar or don’t have the conditions to have a good motorbike, you can consult Hanoi motorbike rental service. I rented a car for the last trip MOTOGO, the service is quite ok and the car quality is 100% new, running smoothly and well worth the money!

Dong Mo travel by motorbike MOTOGO
Motorcycles at MOTOGO – The number 1 professional motorbike rental service in Hanoi

>>Article: No.1 professional quality & prestige motorbike rental service in Hanoi.

Rent a car to Flamingo Dai Lai

If you go by car, you can choose to take a bus operated by Flamingo Dai Lai resort with a frequency of 1 trip on weekdays, 2 trips on weekends.

Buses are also a suggestion for a trip to Dai Lai Lake in Vinh Phuc. However, you will only get to Vinh Yen or Viet Tri, then you have to continue to take a taxi to Dai Lai. In addition, taking a taxi or private car is also a suitable option for you to move to this place.

Ticket price to Dai Lai tourist area

Visitors are free to enter the gate without paying for tickets. However, each person will have to pay 80,000 VND / way if they want to take the train to Pearl Island.

As for Flamingo resort, the ticket price to enter Flamingo Dai Lai Resort is 330,000 VND/adult and 230,000 VND/child 5-12 years old, 1m40 tall or less, including the following utilities:

  • Insurance fees
  • Sightseeing rides on fixed routes
  • Have fun at the children’s sports area
  • Fishing and checking in at luxury villas
  • Admire the famous Art In The Forest

Dai Lai camping

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Dai Lai Resort | Where is Dai Lai Resort?

Flamingo Dai Lai Resort

  • Contact phone: 0879.698.886

This is the most luxurious 5-star resort in Dai Lai. This resort complex is a classy combination of outstanding landscape and fresh air. If you and your family are looking for a relaxing weekend getaway, this will definitely not disappoint you.

Flamingo Dai Lai Resort
Flamingo Dai Lai Resort is the most luxurious resort with unique architecture

It is not wrong that Flamingo Dai Lai is known as the largest resort and entertainment complex in the North. This place has a full range of services for you to enjoy the best green and relaxing space.

room at flamingo dalai
The villa system brings a great experience

Besides the luxurious 1000m2 four-season oasis swimming pool, you can also explore the Dai Lai resort campus. The most special feature is the vast pine forest and proud architectural works. Get lost here, you have genuine virtual backgrounds with thousands of likes when every few square meters gives a beautiful photo.

great checkin

In addition, Flamingo Dai Lai also has Play World entertainment area and countless other relaxation services such as Seva Spa, Forest Sky Bar, Gym room, etc. The villa system and rooms are luxuriously designed, but still close. Close to nature, bring the best living space.

Room rates at Flamingo Dai Lai Resort (for reference)
Room rates at Flamingo Dai Lai Resort (for reference)

Contact for consultation & reservation: 0879.698.886

Dai Lai Hoa Cau Resort

Located on the slopes of Dai Lai Lake, a beautiful green terrain, Dai Lai Hoa Cau Resort is located in the position of the mountain, with a unique beauty that blends with the beautiful scenery of heaven and earth. the beach that nature has given. In addition, this place also has a system of Hoa Cau Dai Lai restaurants with extremely eye-catching regional specialties.

Paradise Dai Lai Resort

Paradise Dai Lai Resort is an emotional masterpiece with a complex of high-class hotels, lakeside villas, peninsula garden houses, resort apartments and a series of luxurious and unique, sophisticated and magical facilities. Coming to this place, you seem to be recharged with positive energy and relieve pressure after a tiring working day.


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What does Ho Dai Lai have to play?

Dai Lai camping – BBQ party Tiệc

Dai Lai is an ideal place for a weekend camping trip between the shady nature and green space. Pearl Island is the most suitable place for picnics and camping. Going to feel life, to want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and with a private natural space.

>> Contact for consultation and appointment: 0879,698.886

price list of camping service on Ngoc Dai Lai island
Price list of camping service on Ngoc Dai Lai island

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Outdoor BBQ party

In addition, the space here will be extremely chill for a BBQ party. The fresh air shady with trees will be the ideal place for you to gather together, toast and enjoy barbecue. Then passionately singing, also a place for sharing words to be expressed. Let’s stay away from the smoke and dust, escape the noise of the city Together we embrace the simple, ordinary and peaceful things. So it’s like getting more strength and relieving stress and fatigue.

BBQ party at the lake
Enjoy a cozy BBQ party amidst the majestic mountains and forests

Outdoor activities – entertainment vui

Question “What to play in Dai Lai?” always get a lot of attention. In a picturesque natural space, there is nothing better than being able to comfortably participate in outdoor activities and entertainment.

The ideal places to play at Dai Lai Lake where you can immerse yourself in nature. Or participate in interesting games such as duck riding, canoeing or boating around the lake. Other activities such as cycling, fishing are also quite interesting, aren’t they? You will surely have an extremely memorable and enjoyable trip.

Dai Lai travel experience

What does Dai Lai have?

Visiting Dai Lai Lake

Nature bestows Dai Lai Lake with a majestic landscape. It is a combination of rivers, lakes and green mountains, hidden in the distance is a magical forest. That delicate combination makes this place like a watercolor painting with the drawings of nature. No need to go far, just come and receive the sunshine and wind of this beautiful land, all worries and worries seem to disappear.

Dai Lai Lake

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Ngoc Dai Lai Island

Ngoc Island (Bird Island) is a small island located in the middle of Dai Lai Lake. It has lush green trees and the residence of many different species of birds. When setting foot on the island, we feel like we are lost in the wild, wonderful nature like in a fairy tale.

Dai Lai Pearl Island
Ngoc Dai Lai Island | The ideal place for outdoor activities and picnics

Dai Lai Golf Course

Dai Lai golf course has the largest combination of 9 holes and 18 hole golf courses in the North. This place is located within Famingo Dai Lai Resort. The golf course is delicately designed, surrounded by flower beds and green trees, creating a unique and attractive feature for golfers. In addition, the overall landscape of Flamingo Dai Lai is the highlight that makes a difference from any other golf course that is rarely found anywhere else.

Dai Lai Golf Course is the most luxurious with a high-class hole system
Dai Lai Golf Course is the most luxurious with a high-class hole system

What to eat in Dai Lai?

One of the questions about Dai Lai travel experience is what to eat when coming here. In Dai Lai, there are many specialties that you should try. The dishes made from buffalo meat are one of the delicious dishes that are hard to ignore. Fresh, soft, fragrant buffalo meat will surely make visitors feel interesting.

Delicious dishes must be enjoyed when having the opportunity to travel to Dai Lai Lake
Delicious dishes must be enjoyed when having the opportunity to travel to Dai Lai Lake

The dish of carp or mussels is caught from the lake bed with a delicious, greasy and firm taste. Wild vegetables, especially chayote tops. It will certainly make it difficult for visitors to refuse the attractive meals here.

Dai Lai travel experience

To have a true “escape from the sun” trip. Please pocket the Dai Lai Lake travel experiences to have the most complete experience.

  • Weather is an important factor in deciding a trip. Before traveling, consider the weather in Dai Lai for the next 3 days. It is best to avoid rainy days or bad weather. Because it will more or less affect the travel there.
  • Dai Lai Lake has a convenient location, close to Hanoi. Whether traveling by tour or self-sufficient depends on the needs and preferences of each individual. If there is no clear plan and cost savings, Dai Lai tour by tour will be suitable for you. If you like freedom, new experiences without stereotypes, then choose to travel on your own!
  • In addition, you should prepare personal belongings and documents with you. It’s very important on those urgent things.
  • If traveling by motorbike, make sure you have a vehicle that is good enough, safe and free of obstacles during travel.
Dai Lai travel experience for the most perfect trip.
Dai Lai travel experience for the most perfect trip.

At this point, I just want to pack up my work, pack my backpack and go. Hopefully the following sharing will help you get a specific schedule and valuable experience for the trip. Wishing you and your family the most wonderful and fulfilling holiday.

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