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Quan Son Lake is likened to “Ha Long on land” of Hanoi. This is a very chill camping destination that is interested by many young people. Traveling to Quan Son Lake is always a hot keyword for trips near Hanoi. Let’s explore this fascinating place with MOTOGO!

Ho Quan Son
Ho Quan Son is ecstatic with lyrical and poetic scenery

Where is Quan Son Lake?

Landscape of Quan Son lake with an area of ​​about 850 hectares in the territory of 5 different communes of My Duc district, on the outskirts of Hanoi. Besides, the lake also spread a small part to Kim Boi district, Hoa Binh. Quan Son Lake is majestically beautiful with 20 large and small mountains on the lake surface. The surrounding green vegetation is extremely rich and full of life.

Quan Son scene at sunset

Quan Son Lake bears the imprint of a unique ethnic culture area. This place has its own characteristics of the Northern Delta people’s lifestyle, the pure features of Vietnamese villages. Through the houses, fields, and riverbanks, we can feel the quintessential, pristine, peaceful and gentle features.

>>Right next to Quan Son lake, Kim Boi – Hoa Binh is also an ideal tourist destination near Hanoi.

When is the best season to travel to Quan Son Lake?

According to the Hanoi travel experience Of the travel world, the best time to go to Quan Son My Duc lake is in the summer. The ideal time is from mid-May to mid-June. Because at that time, the lotus season blooms, and the gentle fragrance spreads throughout the lake. You will be “overwhelmed” by the charming and poetic landscape of the delicate and shy lotus flower on the lake.

When is the best season to travel to Quan Son Lake?
Traveling to Quan Son Lake in summer is the most ideal time for the perfect trip.

If you don’t have the opportunity to go to the lotus season, you can also choose days when the weather is clear and sunny to have an ideal discovery trip. Surely the atmosphere and scenery here will make people immersed.

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The way to Quan Son Lake

This place is located on the outskirts of Hanoi, about 50km from the center. The road to Quan Son is quite easy to go and you can travel by any means.

Refer to the map below for easy access to Quan Son Lake:

The route to move from the center of Hanoi to Quan Son tourist area.

Traveling by self-driving motorbike

Motorcycles are the means of transport chosen by most young people for trips. It really brings a feeling of fun and pleasure. Traveling by motorbike, you can experience the feeling of discovering, conquering, enjoying the landscape and accepting everything with the most authentic look.

Very attractive motorbike rental price
Motorbikes are always the ideal choice for exploring trips.

If you go by motorbike, you follow the distance from Hanoi to Ha Dong, to Ba La turn left to Van Dinh, follow the dike for a section to the intersection of Dai Nghia town, then go straight through a field to reach Ho Quan. Paint.

You can consult prestigious motorbike rental place in Hanoi to choose a motorbike good enough for the trip. This greatly determines whether your journey is complete or not? Please consider and research carefully before making a decision. If not, just pick up the phone and contact MOTOGO – The number 1 professional motorbike rental service is to ensure that there is always a new car, a good car for you!

Motogo is a motorbike rental service in Hanoi that is loved by many people
Motogo is a motorbike rental service in Hanoi that is loved by many people

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To Quan Son by bus

If you take the bus, the path is the same as the way to the Perfume Pagoda. You can catch a bus at My Dinh wharf and ask for a bus to Te Tieu such as bus 103, 78. At the intersection of Dai Nghia town, you can take a motorbike taxi or taxi about 4km inside the resort.

Ticket price for Quan Son lake

Services here are still relatively cheap compared to the city as well as other tourist destinations. With a cost of only 300 thousand VND, you can clean the ball everywhere.

  • Entrance ticket price: 15,000 VND/ticket
  • Motorbike parking ticket price: 5,000 VND / car is extremely cheap
  • Boat rental fee: 140,000 VND / 1 boat for 4 people to go for about 2-3 hours.
entrance fee to Quan Son lake
The entrance ticket to Quan Son Lake is quite cheap for an interesting experience

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Quan Son Lake Tour | Should I go to Quan Son Lake?

As an emerging picnic spot, Quan Son ecological area is quite new and not really known to many people. There are also quite a few reviews of Quan Son Lake in fact. So, should you go to Quan Son lake? The answer is “very recommended”, for the following reasons:

  1. Experience backpacking near Hanoi: If you have not had the opportunity to take the trip Northwest, Northeast phượt If you are far away, this place is an ideal place for a short trip. You can still experience the feeling of backpacking with an exciting journey by motorbike.
  2. Enjoy the fresh air: The fresh and airy air with a cool breeze will capture your heart. Completely different from the smell of petrol and dust in the city, the space at the lake will bring a strange feeling of relaxation and lightness.
  3. Magnificent landscape: It is not an exaggeration to say that Quan Son Lake is “Ha Long on land” in the heart of Hanoi. More than 20 large and small limestone mountains on the lake surface with clear blue water and diverse vegetation create a wonderful and vivid picture. Surely this place will make many hearts fall in love at first sight.
Using the monthly motorbike rental service in Hanoi, you will easily move to where you want to go
Coming here, you must have given yourself the answer whether to go to Quan Son Lake or not?

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What’s good about Ho Quan Son?

Because not many people know about it and the location is quite far from the center, the scenery is still very peaceful and unspoiled. This place is quite suitable for rest, relaxation and sightseeing. Besides, can organize useful and interesting outdoor activities.

Camping at Quan Son Lake

Lakeside camping is a relaxing activity that many people love when coming to Quan Son Lake. This place is cool, beautiful scenery, not noisy so you can comfortably enjoy.

This place is quite deserted, the services are quite far from the lake shore. It is difficult to rent tents and food here, so you need to prepare in advance! Items such as bamboo, stone and bamboo for roasting chicken can be found around the lake. But best, you need to prepare everything from home. The camping trip doesn’t need to be too fussy, just simple BBQ dishes, a few cans of beer are enough to experience and chill with the scenery already.

picnic camping

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Fishing at Quan Son Lake

There is also fishing service at the lake. Fishing ticket price ranges from 200-300k/person. If you buy fishing tickets, you will get free admission. Fishing at the romantic Quan Son space will be completely different from other places. This place not only brings relaxation, but also gives you more energy and relieves stress after a tiring day.

Boat ride in Quan Son lake

After parking, the first thing you should do is rent a boat to tour around the lake. Going for about 2 to 3 hours, the boatman will be a tour guide.

Take a boat to admire the rich and majestic scenery and nature of Quan Son nature
Take a boat to admire the rich and majestic scenery and nature of Quan Son nature

When traveling on the lake, you will admire an ink painting of nature and water. All things look like a gift from nature. Going through each place, we admire the beauty of creation, the colorful wonder. In particular, if you take a walk in the rainy season, the waterfall from above pouring down on the lake surface with white foam will become even more perfect and majestic.

Visiting Hoa Qua Son

The last point of use of the boat route will be a land named Hoa Qua Son. This place was reclaimed by a resident here. Standing from the top of Hoa Qua Son, you can see the whole lake, if you come in the lotus season, you will see how brilliant nature is. This area is famous for many kinds of fruits such as figs, lychees, oranges. … But please note, do not pick the fruit without the permission of the owner!

Visiting Painted Fruits
Visit Son Hoa – the convergence of attractive fruits typical of the Northern Delta

Visiting the islands around Quan Son Lake

Non Nuoc Quan Son creates mysterious caves with colorful stalactites in the shape of Tu Linh. A number of temples and pagodas have been established by people since ancient times, such as Cao Pagoda, Linh Son Pagoda, Ham Yen Pagoda… These historical and spiritual relics are the place where festival activities with bold national identity take place.

Historical site near Quan Son lake

When cruising on the island, you will admire the beauty and vivid vegetation at Hon Me, Mum Nghe, Da Bac, Quai Cheo … or Thung Voi Nuoc Cua, Ban Co mountain, Hoa Qua Son, Chim mountain, Pagoda High, Termite mountain. The majestic mountains, silhouetted against the peaceful lake, are as beautiful as traveling in Ha Long.

Take a boat to see Quan Son lake

The more you explore here, the more you will be overwhelmed by the excitement by the stalagmites and stalactites shaped like Long, Ly, Quy, Phung, or tigers and birds, etc. wonderfully lively.

See Quan Son lotus lake

The landscape is made up of undulating limestone mountains; interspersed on the poetic lake. Around May – June, lotuses on the lake will simultaneously bloom, giving off a sweet fragrance. The scene at that time was like a magical place. In this place, the lake water is clear, imprinted with the blue colors of the sky and clouds, the air also becomes airy. You will feel a slight chill on your skin.

If you come here at the right lotus bloom, you will be spoiled for choice with virtual live pictures. This beautiful natural scene is a super cool background to have beautiful checkin photos, attracting thousands of likes on social networks.

Lotus at Quan Son Lake

At the time of September, there were still many lotus flowers left on the lake surface. The atmosphere at this time is also very pleasant, the sky is clear, with little rain, and you can visit the lake at any time of the day.

What to eat at Quan Son Lake?

September is the time to catch fresh fish and shrimp in this area. Fish salad at Quan Son lake is one of the famous specialties of the locals in the region. If you have come here, you must definitely find this delicious fresh fish salad! This dish is rolled with more than a dozen types of vegetables – leaves that only here and only the people here know how to make.

Ho Quan Son specialties
Fish salad _ a specialty dish in Quan Son lake must try once

Another special dish is fresh shrimp. Every afternoon, people living around the lake go to set up shrimp traps. You can buy from people and make grilled shrimp for camping holidays! Van Dinh grass duck is also one of the delicious dishes to enjoy. However, there are quite a few restaurants, so choose the address selectively.

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Homestay at Quan Son Lake

The capital is the main tourist destination during the day. Therefore, homestay service at Quan Son lake and hotel accommodation has not really developed and has quite a few choices. If you need an overnight stop, move to a few motels right near the departure pier. However, the motel is not new and is sometimes rundown. The advice for you if you want to stay is to bring a tent, and set up camp by the lake. Who knows, it will bring you a great experience! ^^

checkin at the painted lake

Above are suggestions for traveling to Quan Son Lake in Hanoi. Hope the above sharing will help you have a complete and meaningful trip. Hope you and your loved ones will have wonderful relaxing moments!

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