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Stable output


From Nghe An to Saigon to establish a career in construction, Mr. Thanh used to travel in many different projects throughout the city. In 2015, when he was hired to repair a 3-storey house in Go Vap district, Mr. Thanh found a new business direction in the land of Saigon.

“The person who hired me to repair is not the owner, but just rents again. When they finished renting, they repaired it more spaciously and then rented it to others at a higher price to make a profit,” Thanh recalled. Since then, the Nghe man began to learn about this rental model. In 2015, from the capital of more than 100 million accumulated, Mr. Thanh determined to “start a business”.

Initially, he was looking for houses to rent from 4 to 10 million VND/unit in Go Vap and Phu Nhuan districts. With the construction experience available, Mr. Thanh expanded, remodeled, divided into small rooms, shopped, fully furnished and rented out. His customers are mainly young couples and fresh graduates working with rents ranging from 2 to 4 million VND/month/room depending on the location and area of ​​each room. It is estimated that each month he earns tens of millions of dong.

Sharing his business experience in the form of rental, Mr. Thanh revealed that before hiring he did a thorough research in the area and aimed at customers who were fresh graduates going to work. Do you consult a lawyer about the content of the contract, the procedures as well as the application for a construction permit so that you can repair, divide and renovate the building.

“The rental and then subletting should rent individual houses with many self-contained rooms, in tenancy It is also necessary to clearly state the terms of the landlord agreeing to hand over the repair of the whole house and sublet it, the contract should be notarized to avoid legal risks in the future, “said Thanh. After 3 years of working, Mr. Thanh has a property including a house to live in and 3 houses for rent with stable monthly cash flow.

Same with the way of renting and then repairing and renting again, but Ms. Tam (living in Binh Thanh district) is looking for houses with a larger scale. Usually these apartments have a scale of 3 – 6 floors and are located in convenient locations. After renting, Ms. Tam divided into several rooms with an area of ​​30-40m2 to sublease as an office. The apartments have a smaller area, about 15-20m2, she often rents out for 3 to 4.5 million VND/month/room.

Ms. Tam said that the demand for office space for a new start-up company is very large, so she is not too worried that there will be no tenants. Before signing the contract, she also clarified that tenants must give 1 month notice when they want to move, giving her time to find new customers. Regarding the capital to renovate the room and buy furniture, she can take a part from the customer’s deposit, helping her to turn the capital and invest in other houses.

Potential but not easy

General Director of Phu Vinh Investment Consulting Joint Stock Company, personal real estate expert Phan Cong Chanh assessed, this is a smart model in finance, the market space is still large and true to the real needs of customers. for individual real estate investors. It can be seen that from 2015 to 2017 there are 3 boom years of the rental real estate market. Especially the rental and sublease model in cities in Vietnam such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi…

According to him, the number of potential customers in the big cities of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi is very large when considering the mechanical population growth, Hanoi averages 200,000 people per year, HCMC averages each year. increased by 250,000 people. The process of urbanization in big cities like Hanoi (more than 7.2 million people) or Ho Chi Minh City (more than 8 million people) attracts a large number of migrants to live. Therefore, in these two cities there is always a shortage of professionally developed, well-managed, well-managed rental housing areas at affordable prices.

Mr. Chanh said, this business form of renting and subleasing houses will have 5 main risks for an individual investor. First, choosing the wrong segment will lead to an unexpected return of capital. For example, if targeting a worker tenant, it may be necessary to manage a large number of people with low ability to pay; If it is aimed at young working couples, with the same capital, it may be necessary to invest in fewer rooms with better furniture.

Secondly, the management level and personal capacity of an investor are limited, so it is easy to lead to risks arising from management problems. For example, late payment collection, management of security and order arising during guest stay (registration for temporary absence), handling of incidents (clogging of bridges, manholes, etc.), maintenance and maintenance (repaint rooms, rearrange interior decoration when guests move out), staff training (security guards, janitors, sales staff…)

Third, the ability to find customers is not good, which easily leads to a high vacancy rate, thereby affecting profit cash flow. Fourth, if operating many buildings at the same time, it requires investors to develop and build a system of personnel sufficient to operate smoothly. And not all individual investors are good at human resources. Fifth, financial resources are limited, capital rotation is not timely, which easily leads to losses and broken chains. Especially not good management of the money that customers deposit.

If an individual real estate investor does well, the probability to succeed at this model is very high. Before starting, investors need to identify the right segment, who to rent a room for, young couples, fresh graduates to work, office workers or business owners, workers? Investors need to choose the right area, where the population density is relatively formed, the rental price is good, and there are few competitors present.

In addition, investors need to know how to reduce costs in the process of managing rental houses. Instead of hiring professional building security, students can be hired to be on duty, but must be thoroughly trained in the profession to be sure to meet the job requirements. Regarding labor, instead of hiring full-time, investors can hire by the hour or day to save costs. Builders should find small groups of contractors, work reputable and affordable first, so that as soon as there is a problem (clogging of bridges, manholes, installing more electrical outlets, …) can be handled immediately. Regarding fees such as elevators, electricity, water, cable, internet, garbage, parking, investors can collect from tenants to cover expenses. cover this cost.

According to Mr. Chanh, investors also need professional advertising channels, which can find tenants from online channels, post classifieds, send emails, Facebook, Zalo, … or publish in newspapers. Simultaneously, it must be combined with offline channels, building a reliable website, collecting and sharing old customers’ experiences to create more trust for new customers. Investors need to regularly evaluate and improve services in their room rental system to better serve customers.

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“In order to manage the business model well, rental investors should select tenants from the very beginning. If you feel insecure, I advise you to refuse guests to avoid problems later. Carrying out the procedures for registering temporary residence for tenants quickly and early with the ward/commune police is also one of the ways to help tenants feel more secure with their tenants, “said Mr. Chanh.

As a personal real estate expert with many years in the profession, Mr. Chanh said, for young people who want to pursue the business model of rooms for rent, they need to have passion, if they just feel like it, they shouldn’t.” jump in. This is an area that requires a lot of meticulousness, care and patience, and results cannot be achieved overnight.

Room rental business people also need to have qualities, requiring good communication, listening, flexibility and must have the personality of a waiter. There are many situations that happen with customers, personnel and even state management agencies, requiring investors to have all the qualities to be able to handle the situation well.

Investors must always learn from the experiences of those who have gone before, learn in-depth knowledge from experts and learn from their own customers to improve services.

“In order to successfully invest in a model, it is necessary to have the right approach. No success is easy. However, the model of renting and subleasing rooms to live in is a segment that will be very active in the next 5 years. At that time, there will be a price war for individual real estate investors who are following this model,” said Chanh.

The model of renting a house and then subleasing it is not too profitable, but it is a safe investment channel, so it is now being done by many people. This is the real need of society, so if you do it in a small way, you can make a profit, but if you want to grow big, you must have a large capital source to have enough investment costs. Doing it too small is not very effective, but it also depends on the expectations of investors when doing this model. If you manage by yourself, the model is reasonable, but if you want to build a management apparatus, the model must be average or better to be effective.

Mr. Nguyen Mac Hoai Nam – General Director of Nam Phat Investment Joint Stock Company

Serviced apartment market is growing strongly

Currently, the high-end serviced apartment rental market is thriving in big cities such as Hanoi, Da Nang and especially Ho Chi Minh City. Many real estate developers are tending to invest in this type with great expectations of a stable customer base for a long time.

According to the working practice of Savills Vietnam’s Commercial Leasing – luxury serviced apartment division, the supply of 3-bedroom luxury apartments for rent in Ho Chi Minh City (PN) tends to be in short supply. and 1-2 PN apartments are redundant compared to demand. In terms of price, 3-bedroom apartments start at 3,300 USD/month, excluding tax; 1-2 PN type ranges from 900 – 2,700 USD/month depending on location and area of ​​each apartment. Currently, high-class serviced apartments in District 1, District 3 and Phu Nhuan are attracting many tenants.

For a long time, this segment has targeted foreigners who are living and working in Vietnam in general and in Ho Chi Minh City in particular. Statistics show that, in recent years, the number of foreign experts working in Vietnam has increased, leading to the demand for serviced apartments.

In terms of location, high-class serviced apartments are often concentrated in central districts such as District 1, District 3, Phu Nhuan District and District 7. These are places with convenient transportation systems, close to many public utilities. such as hospitals, schools, entertainment areas, commercial centers, etc.

With the integration of economic playgrounds, Vietnam is becoming a destination for the workforce in the region, thereby generating an increased demand for accommodation in the next 3-5 years. The income gap between foreign workers and domestic workers is also a factor, as the price range from $900-5,000 for a serviced apartment for professionals in Vietnam is not high compared to the common ground. countries in the region such as Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

In addition, high-class serviced apartments are also seen as a supporting solution, an alternative to the massive appearance of Officetel – which can be understood as a form of multi-service apartment. This is directly affecting the selling price and liquidity as well as the future development of the high-end serviced apartment segment. In 2018, we are likely to see rents with a slight upward trend, driven by competitive market demand.

Unlike the legal barrier of owning an apartment by foreigners, renting a high-class serviced apartment, whether short-term or long-term through a reputable consulting unit, is almost without problems. . The basic process only consists of collecting the accommodation requirements, type of house, budget and length of stay from foreign customers and then choosing the right apartment. Before signing the contract, the consultant will also accompany the client and the investor in almost every stage such as site survey, contract drafting. The consultant plays the role of negotiating and mediating to ensure the best interests of both parties.

From many perspectives, quality is a prerequisite factor, creating opportunities for the development of high-class projects, helping Vietnam become a reliable destination for sophisticated foreign customers.

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