VIDEO AVATAR 2 (2022) – Movie Preview

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AVATAR 2 (2022) – Movie Preview

In today’s original we present you a movie preview of the upcoming Avatar 2!

Hardly anyone can dispute that James Cameron’s “Avatar” changed the 3D cinema experience forever when it was released over 11 years ago. Many thought the franchise was dead until recently, but behind the scenes, they’ve been busy all these years working on sequels. If all goes as planned, we will get the sequel to the officially most successful movie of all time next year in December. In order to make sure you don’t lose track of things until then, we have compiled the most important information about “Avatar 2”, and today we would like to give you loads of reasons why we are looking forward to this mega-blockbuster!

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00:00 Avatar 2 Movie Preview
00:34 Story Recap
03:03 Potential Story for Avatar 2
04:08 Production Plans
05:44 Potential Titles for the Sequel
07:25 The New & Returning Cast
08:32 Behind the Scenes & First Avatar 2 trailer?

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xem phim avatar 2

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36 thoughts on “VIDEO AVATAR 2 (2022) – Movie Preview”

  1. Your like fake news or false advertisement. We all know about the1st one. You were suppose, show the trailer for the 2nd one. Your sad!! But thank you, for giving me heads up. Not to make the same mistake to hit on this scam site again. (Entertainment access) a NO Show

  2. What if this resonate so much because is telling a part of the lost human history. Humans in this case are the group of people in the top, those that own every media and controls goverments and destroy goverments that dont want to be controlled. They destroyed the history and memories of the inhabitants of this kingdom and mixed original traditions and spiritual connections with scripted instructions and programing (religions) of their own to set themselves on top. They know the truth, and they keep everyone else in the darkness and thats why they call themselves the illuminatis. They know the things. They have worked hard to destroy all remanece of our ancient history to use us to mine and destroy our own kingdom. That would be the only reason why they dont care about this piece of land that we have. That´s why so few people own so much and have so much power, maybe they are a special race or tribe. Maybe we had giant trees and lived in harmony with nature. Maybe these people make us fight between us to keep us down. Just imagine.

  3. Two sequels to Avatar were initially confirmed after the success of the first film; this number was subsequently expanded to four. Their respective release dates were previously December 17, 2021, December 22, 2023, December 19, 2025, and December 17, 2027. Due to the impact of Coronavirus outbreak on cinema, the four Avatar sequels releases have been delayed; their respective release dates are currently December 16, 2022, December 20, 2024, December 18, 2026, and December 22, 2028.

  4. Movie 2:
    – Opening credits conclude-
    "Sir. We're in orbit around the planet."
    "Good. Start orbital bombardment of that goddammit tree and every settlement of these blue skinned Native American wannabes."
    "Aye sir. Missiles launched. And contact made. Confirming targets have been hit"
    "Good job men. Launch the factory ships to the coordinates of the deposits and have them pumping out ore before the ash settles."
    -End Credits –

  5. Does anyone realize this is about America and how they terrorize & colonize all black countries. If you don't see it dont worry we live it everyday. We think it's entertainment but this is what us brown indigenous people have been going through everyday

  6. I was 10 when the first movie was released, and it was my FAVORITE movie; admittedly still is. I’ll be 23 when we get to see the second with a daughter of my own! I can’t wait for her to be old enough to enjoy this amazing story and the world it’s set in!


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