VIDEO Avatar 2 Will Change Movies Forever

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Avatar 2 Will Change Movies Forever

How James Cameron’s Avatar sequel is changing the film industry.

James Cameron is back at it again, creating groundbreaking tech for Avatar 2 that could change the film industry forever!

Everytime that Cameron releases a new film, it also has to have some new innovation that blows our mind. This time around, there’s a whole bunch more stuff that we didn’t even think was possible before it was announced!
Producer Jon Landau has done us all a favour by leaking several photos and screenshots behind the scenes, showing us some of the incredible new 3D renders and underwater motion capture tech that will make this new groundbreaking vision possible. We’ll dissect how the tech works, what advancements have been made and how far into production Avatar 2, 3, 4 and 5 currently are. From what Cameron has achieved for CG and film, to what he’s currently up to in New Zealand with WETA Digital, we dive into what’s possible and what it could mean for the film industry as a whole!
With our next visit to Pandora delayed due to Covid-19, it’ll be sometime before we see our favourite blue CGI aliens, Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana). But we can still geek out over how awesome the tech is and what it could do to take the stories we tell in film to new depths!

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Written by: Callum Janes
Narrated by: Callum Janes
Edited by: Dylan McLeod

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31 thoughts on “VIDEO Avatar 2 Will Change Movies Forever”

  1. I take care of my gma who is 93 and has severe dementia. Mostly she only tolerates musicals and horrendous irritating movies from the 1950s. I JUST GOT HER TO LOVE AVATAR. As someone who has seen it more than 40 times, I'm NEVER GOING TO GET TIRED OF IT. now, after about 100 times, my love runs DEEP. I HAVE TO STAY ALIVE FOR THE REST OF THEM.

  2. Moving your arms and legs underwater requires a lot of energy and strength. So for normal ppl we would be moving in slow motion. Superheroes have super strength so it would look very normal for them.
    Batman would be moving in slow motion where everyone else in the JL would be kicking ass but hey I forgot about the tech that Batman would have

  3. I hope with over a decade to work on it they're able to create an intricate and more interesting plot & characters. While I found Avatar to be visually stunning, I thought the plot to be vapid and predictable and the characters to be very uninteresting. The acting felt uninspired. Even with all of the pioneering of groundbreaking technology (which I genuinely respect and admire), I found it to be one of the most forgettable films I've ever seen. I'm glad, however, that people enjoyed it … my personal taste is towards deeper, more character development centered movies, but depth isn't necessarily a priority for many film-goers. It would be nice, though, to see it accomplish both visual and story-telling excellence.

  4. Been waiting nearly 13 years for this movie. Since the first time I saw the first one in theatres, I’ve been absolutely obSESSED. I’ve played the avatar video game 13 years now LOL and now they’re making a sequel to the first game. 2022 is gonna be astonishing.


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