VIDEO God is Pairing You Back together With Someone When This Happens!

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God is Pairing You Back together With Someone When This Happens!

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15 thoughts on “VIDEO God is Pairing You Back together With Someone When This Happens!”

  1. Thank you for this word today. This has confirmed my prayers i have been asking the Lord. Wow it is amazing on all the signs am being shown to get back with my love along with the peace given in my situation. Thank you Heavenly Father for answering my prayers,a heaviness has been lifted off of me.

  2. To everyone watching this, pray and agree: Dear Lord, May my life be filled with thanksgiving and praise for your countless blessings. Give me assurance that you supply my every need through your generosity. May grace, mercy, and peace be with me this day and always. Amen

  3. I cheated on my boyfriend, i feel soooo guilty and remorseful. I am asking for forgiveness. He is such a wonderful godly man and i messed up but i dont want to hurt him. Please pray for me and him too

  4. So what if she's not right for you because she has a solid background by herself she hasn't education she have the GED show the high school diploma. And you don't. You up under the pressure of going to school cuz your mother go to school your mother wants you to go to school but I want to go to school and just tell the truth hey I don't read it right very welcome my mom has sex with a goat. God gave me tell the truth about what

  5. You didn't notice about this girl that you didn't know that she was solid and she demanded so you do everything pay all the bills pay pay all the bills and she paid nothing you didn't know this was a 50 10% relationship you get out of the relationship you don't want. But now she feel like she's a liability to you after so many years but y'all aren't together you don't plan on being back you move on with life. It's always best to go forward never to go back but how do you tell someone and wore them crying. Cuz you know it's going to hurt that telling the truth hurts more than a lie. But I didn't want to tell a lie I want to tell her got it what was I doing in boarding our argument avoiding her crying. But if they should come back talking about getting getting me back if you about getting me back if when you out of this person sister for so long you can tell this person how you


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