VIDEO How to Find, Follow & Fulfill God's Will – Week 4, Day 1 – The Gospel Truth

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How to Find, Follow & Fulfill God's Will – Week 4, Day 1 – The Gospel Truth

Andrew Wommack’s daily TV program: Gospel Truth
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God has a plan for each of our lives and it’s God’s heart that we Find, Follow and Fulfill His will for us. Psalm 139:14-16 shows us that before we were even born, God had a plan for us. The good news is, it’s never too late to Find, Follow and Fulfill God’s will. With our cooperation, God will re-calculate and redirect our lives. Great men of God like Moses, Abraham and David made major mistakes in their lives but with a willing heart, God redirected their lives and they were blessed and a tremendous blessing to others.

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00:10 Andrew introducing the fourth week of teaching on Find, Follow and Fulfill God’s Will
00:34 Summary of how Andrew has been using the story of Moses as a learning experience that we can apply to our own lives
02:02 You can limit or delay or dwarf God’s will for your life, Psalm 78 : 11
03:35 Andrew shares some of the ways he has been limiting God
04:50 Andrew shares how he was fearful of being persecuted due to prosperity specifically Mark 10 : 29
06:42 Moses knew that he would be delivering his people but acted ahead of God’s time
08:15 Moses had blown it so bad that he lost his self-confidence, this is a good thing if you don’t stop there.
09:30 Andrew dives deeper to get insight into the account of Moses meeting with God.
11:50 Moses wasn’t one of these guys that could handle snakes
14:00 Moses’ final exam after 40 years
15:00 Andrew’s personal experience of obeying God and forsaking his future life
18:00 The rod of Moses turned into the Rod of God
21:20 Just like Moses, you too must go through the same process. Laying down your life before God and allowing Him to be in control.
23:06 Andrew invites you to get these materials or contact us today
23:15 Watch the next video on this series


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xem phim as the gods will

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1 thought on “VIDEO How to Find, Follow & Fulfill God's Will – Week 4, Day 1 – The Gospel Truth”

  1. i did not stumbled on these series of teachings by accident
    …i was converted 8mths ago and has been led by the spirit ever since to listen and read on healing from reputable teachers including Andrew, Daddy Hagin, keith Moore, etc. and quality preachers; including Shambaugh, John Osten, Oral Roberts, AA Allen, etc. now i am very bored. i complained to God and my friends often about how do i know i have the God-kind of faith if i don't have any guinea pigs to practice on; finally, not long after, my son came home complaining about a neck pain…i jumped on that with prayer like white on rice… i was so happy to rub some oil on the area and speak to the pain and it left immediately. my son was shock, i was over joyed (not in front of my son) I'm sure God's ears got some relief from my whinnings…my aunt who has all kind of 70yrs old complaints including deafness in one ear and a loss percentage in the other, was coming by me in a couple of days. i was ready with my oil, but I asked God how He cast out devils and He reveals it to me the same night in my dream…i thought this was a confirmation to go ahead and pray for my aunt's healing when she comes, maan! I was ready! She came i prayed in Jesus name, nothing happened neither that day or the next never…so, on the 3rd day i asked God what happen? He didn't answer; but, He knows I Intensely listens and follows Andrew's teachings and bible studies; this morning, as soon as i went on youtube, these series were on the front page…isn't that something…another thing, i also realized that I have failed a criticizing test along the way. i went to a church about 4 times and i was criticised and i quite shortly after…so I'm not a member of a local church…until God himself put me into one…these series just broke down my confidence so badly and just build up the "leaning on the everlasting arms" confidence…wow amazing!


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