VIDEO Star Wars Episode 8 vs Avatar 2, Oscars 2016 Boycott over Whiteout 2 – Beyond The Trailer

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Star Wars Episode 8 vs Avatar 2, Oscars 2016 Boycott over Whiteout 2 – Beyond The Trailer

Star Wars Episode 8 changes its release date, now will compete with Avatar 2 in 2017! Oscars 2016 Boycott with Will Smith!

Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph gives you the latest movie news today! Star Wars Episode 8 moves its release date to December 2017 and will now open just days before Avatar 2! Plus Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith spearhead an Oscars 2016 Boycott in response to another whiteout! Do you think Star Wars Episode 8 and Avatar 2 can share December 2017?! And will you participate in the Oscars 2016 boycott? Be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today!

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Bernie Sanders Ad

Dolby Atmos Everest

Netflix at Sundance

Dolby Atmos Giveaway – 2:40
Star Wars vs Avatar – 4:36
Oscars Boycott – 9:11
Netflix @ Sundance – 14:59

Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!
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27 thoughts on “VIDEO Star Wars Episode 8 vs Avatar 2, Oscars 2016 Boycott over Whiteout 2 – Beyond The Trailer”

  1. I agree with Griffanswing626, Brooklyn was my favorite film of the year. Not as diverse, and cinematically climatic as The Revenant, and Mad Max: Fury Road, but the themes of Brooklyn, are universal of growing up, and discovering "where your life is." Such themes that transcends social constructs such as race, age, and gender. In regards to the Oscars boycott, it is bigger than the Oscars, it is not just a Black thing, it is a human thing. It's 2016, and there should be a better reflection of the diversity in this art form which we all love so much. The problem lies with the studios, and I am glad you touched upon Al Sharpton's remarks, the difference lies with the powers at be.

  2. That Bernie Sanders ad has white liberals in a frenzy, but there is not much to it. It is a reflection of what liberals think others would like as they pretend to like America. But, it is hard to separate the fact that Bernie Sanders is bat-sh*t crazy. He makes Donald Trump sound like a reflective, deep thinking philosopher.

  3. Hey, commenters (and you too Grace), do some basic math before opening your mouths. If white people are just 50% of the population (movie population) there will still be a number of years where there will be all white nominees. Statistically speaking, it just has to happen. At 75% (or so) it will happen quite a bit.

    As some of you are not stupid, one has to conclude that you know this, but want to feel morally superior by complaining about it anyway. After all, it is so easy (and cost free) to accuse others of racism. However, it makes it no less disgusting to accuse people with no proof whatsoever.

  4. Grace great videos as always as far as the whiteout is concerned – glad people spoke up – nobody if color is asking for handouts or special treatment but when you have movies like Creed, Straight Outta Compton being snubbed when it comes to nominations you should speak up if you feel overlooked. Jada never said a negative word about the people who did get nominated so people taking shots at her opinion to me is just silly. I also think Johnny Depp got snubbed for Black Mass – he was great in that part and should have been nominated,. Benecio Del Toro should have been nominated for Best Supporting for Sicario as well.

  5. I don't understand why the academy doesn't just nominate 10 movies for best picture, especially when they have so many movies deserving of the nomination e.g Straight Outta Compton and Creed, especially considering what a great movie year 2015 was. I also agree with you that Brooklyn is probably the whitest movie here but it is still a very beautiful film (as in the story and just the feel of the film is beautiful) I feel like Saorise Ronan definitely deserved the nomination but the film as a whole could have been substituted for Creed or Straight Outta Compton.

  6. I know I'm late, but on Oscar diversity which is basically so f-ing stupid and so f-cked at the same time. One, Oscars will lose viewership because Star Wars isn't nominated for Best Pic. It is 1/3 of Sci-Fi movies that were nominated big time (Mad Max and Martian got Best Pic noms and they deserve it so much) but Star Wars for Best Pic is all that people cared about I guess. Now for black peoples performances, I can't wait for people to say and realize, well maybe you're not good enough??? So lets actually see where the problem lies because wtf could nominate this year?
    Now TV has done an exceptional job at this stuff, you say minority and think of Blackish and Jane the Virgin and Masters of None, you have tons of great shows and really a mix of everything. When you say diversity for Oscars, you're mad Idris Elba didn't get nominated (In the hardest category) but also Michael B Jordan for Lead – Which never in his life was he ever considered for and had zero credibility for a nomination. Especially when he wasn't nominated or won anything in precursors, which there's a lot of that does additionally count as credibility as well.
    Benicio del Toro wasn't nominated for Supporting Actor for Sicario but there's no outrage over that. He's from Puetro Rico. He just happens to be white so he's like all the rest?
    Chivo or Emmanuel Lubezki isn't white and born from Mexico is about to win his 3rd consecutive Cinematography award. Even the last 2 winners of Best Director are Latino to, they're born from Mexico and both had the best reviewed movies for there years (Gravity and Birdman).
    Alicia Vikander is born from Sweden and she's not white. Oscar voters are actually very friendly and more often or not encourage international performances. Granted they do "look" a certain way but they're actors lol. People want to look at you if you want to be an actor. That's just the way it is.
    IT'S NOT OSCARS FAULT – YOU CAN'T FORCE PEOPLE TO VOTE FOR WHAT THEY DON'T LIKE. This isn't a internal problem, it's external. I think it's the hollywood execs fault. A lot of them have final word on casting. And back to TV, you can't win an Emmy if they're no roles for you to win an Emmy with. It's the execs responsibility to cast more diverse, over and over again. They're the poison, not oscar voters. It's just so easy to pick on Oscars.
    Even if PGA and SAG went with Straight Outta Compton, which I guarantee had more votes than Star Wars and was right on that 9th place spot outside of qualifications to get a nom. That wasn't a freebie for diversity either, that was a actual movie talked about at campaigns and parties and among voters in hundreds of conversations. It was a great movie and was up there with biggest snub.
    This actually reminds me somewhat of when giuliana rancic was on fashion police and called whoever that girls name is and made fun of her hair and there was such a backlash that caused her to be fired. I thought that was a shitshow in itself but hurting someones feelings over that much and having people lose their jobs over what you don't know what you're talking about? People are going to get mad cause they're favorite thing wasn't nominated all the time. So give us something to root for that a lot of people agree with first before we get all hyped about it.

  7. Hello Grace. With the news the number of nominees for Oscars are likely to expand to include more diversity, I can't help feel a couple of years will see business as normal just more of the same. Given that the Globes contained a host of nominees and even winners that shouldn't have even been there it'd be great opportunity for your unique analysis skills to step through this years Oscar nominees and see which could have been viably replaced with a non-white actor.

    Hope that comes to be but if not, love the shows, always my first hit at the end of (the UK) day. Not sure how to do youTube emoticons so take them as read. Lots of them.


  8. It's so stupid when they talk about diversity I only see black actor that were "snubbed" no Latinos or Asians diversity it's not only about color it's about nationalities and Tell me who would you take out of the race to put a black actor in them place the Oscar and any awards it's based of personal opinion of a group of people to say they need to nominate black actors just for the fact that they are black it's stupid every actor nominated this year deserves it IMO this boycott it's wrong they should use their time to search for better roles or created them selves will and jada are just mad because will wasn't nominated fuck them and spike lee ha sent made a good movie in ages fuck him too

  9. If anyone is being screwed over in Oscar noms its the Asian audiences since they are the mass majority of the globe, and Chinese box office is heavily depended on in Hollywood. They've also been pushing out tons of great films too in Hong Kong, but aren't sent overseas.

    I want diversity too (because who doesn't want a reflection of the world today? And see people who look like herself/himself in films?), I just don't know how they will go about it. Maybe they should bring international opinion to decide. :/

  10. The race issues is complicated in Hollywood and last year the "Oscars So White" thing kind of disappointed me because the last ten to fifteen years were probably the best they've been for at least BLACK actors as far as winning awards go so I thought it was a little unfounded that year, but this year there were more than a few Black movies and performances that were completely overlooked so I agree FULLY this year and don't think it's unfounded I'm NOT surprised this has happened the last two years cause it could have happened ANY of the last ten to fifteen years if you really know who's REALLY even considered for these awards. I'm a movie-buff and an aspiring director myself so I pay close attention to this stuff, more so than the average person. There's this illusion that these movies nominated every year are the best movies of the year, they AREN'T, they are a FEW of the best DRAMAS every year, also, like Grace has mentioned before these movies actually have to CAMPAIGN for these nominations much like a politician, not to mention they ALL are expected to come out in the Fall cause that's considered awards season. There also is the GROUP mentality in Hollywood certain actors get put into whether they want to be in it or not. The perfect example is Jennifer Lawrence, great actress, and one of my favorites but let's be honest, she could do a DOG FOOD commercial at this point and get nominated for an Oscar and it's not HER fault. She's just an actress who wants to find the best material and roles wherever they may be but after her win for "Silver Lining's Playbook" Hollywood placed her in that elite group. She didn't ask to be in it but she's in it anyway. The perfect example is "American Hustle," other than Amy Adams and the whordrobe there was NOTHING awards worthy about that film, everybody did their best it just wasn't that interesting and honestly kind of boring in spots yet Jennifer Lawrence still got nominated for an Oscar and every other major award that year, now let's say Amber Heard played that role instead of J-Law and it was directed by a first timeunknown director and NOT David O. Russell, do you think they would've gotten nominated? Hec NO cause they're not in that elite group, they could be in it one day but they're not now and they're some people of color in it like Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez, Zoey Saldana, Olivia Munn, Denzel Washington, Vin Diesel and a few others. The minute they do a Drama with a great performance they're getting a nomination cause they're in the group but they're aren't many people of Color in the group cause the group isn't that big to begin with. My point is when you look at all that goes into "nominating" a movie, being in that elite group, making sure your movie is a Drama, making sure it comes out in the Fall, campaigning and kissing a lot of Hollywood butt and literally being able to offord an entire BUDGET set aside simply for that campaigning not to mention the films that these awards shows simply fall in love with for whatever reasons (Slumdog Millionaire) then look at how many WHITES don't have a chance at getting nominated so you know there are almost NO Black or people of color in general that have a chance at being nominated! "Mad Max: Fury Road" should without a doubt win best picture but it won't most likely "The Revident" will cause that film and it's filmmakers CHECK all those requirements the main one being THEY'RE IN THE CLUB, "MAD MAX" isn't! "The Revident" is the awards season "darling!" It's that film that's going to get shoved down our throats whether we want it or not! Jada's intentions are right and good but these awards shows are the "body" of the issue not the "head," the head is there should be more films and movie roles for people of ALL different colors not just Black people something I think shouldn't be loss in this discussion. Black people do better in Hollywood than any other minority race and even they aren't doing great overall so imagin how difficult it must be for Asian actors or Asian female actors or Middle-Eastern female actors! Maybe it has happened but I can't ever remember a Middle-Eastern actor or actress getting nominated for ANYTHING other than Selma Heyak and Ben Kingsley over the years who I'm pretty sure are both HALF MIddle-Eastern if I'm not mistaken. Maybe the actress from "House of Sand and Fog?" I remember that film got a lot of awards "buzz" and nominations but not many wins but maybe she did get a "nod" I can't really remember at the moment but the point is there needs to be more diversity across the board. Even though her heart is in the right place Jada is way off in two regards: 1. She's the WRONG person to propose a boycott cause she's too close to the situation. Had Will Smith been nominated, as he has been at least twice before she would be GOING to the Oscars as she has before in the past. I assure you had he been nominated there's no way she would have proposed a boycott! I think it would've been better if she would've reached out to a friend of hers who is Black or of color and asked THEM to do it cause it would have more "WEIGHT" coming from them, why, cause Jada herself is in that elit club I spoke of. It would mean more if something like this were said by someone who isn't in that "club" because it's harder to take seriously coming from someone who is in it and 2. The "boycott" thing is meaningless and ridiculous and a bit juvenile! I'm a BIG fan of Jada and Will Smith but I'm a MOVIE guy, I'M WATCHING THE OSCARS! I look forward to this show every year so there's NO WAY I'm NOT going to watch, not to mention that Chris Rock is hosting who was one of the better host over the past few years and it would be dissapointing if he stepped down. We already missed out on Eddie Murphy hosting a few years ago so it would really suck to lose out on Chris Rock this year! I also think she put Chris Rock in an awkward, unfair position that he DIDN'T ask for whether she ment to or not. A boycott is meaningless and counterproductive cause if I want a SEAT at the table how can I get that if I walk AWAY from the table? Good intentions but she completely went off-the-rails when it comes to the "boycott" thing because it's completely the opposite of ultimately what we want. It's like going to the MALL, if you go to ANY major mall in America and just walk around and LOOK around you will not just see White people but Black people, Latinos, Middle-Eastern people, Asians and not just a few, MANY! That's the demographic of the country we live in so why shouldn't and AMERICAN awards show reflect AMERICA?

  11. Damn. I was excited with the idea of a SW8 vs. Avatar 2 clash.
    Just bring it and let them clash!!! If this "December 2017 Match" pushes through, then this will be the biggest film showdown in history. SW8 will no doubt win the domestic box office for the reason that Americans will SURELY skip Avatar2 for SW8, since its part of their culture (like Thanksgiving) and Avatar2 will own the international box office since the first Avatar earned almost 80% overseas of its total haul.
    But i doubt this will happen, i always knew James Cameron will need more time to complete the three sequels. 
    So SW8 will have this date then.

  12. Al Sharpton is a crook who is a prime example of the fear monger-er you commented on in the beginning of your show. I am surprised you did not comment on African Americans having the BET Awards with no White, Asian, Hispanic, or other races represented. Is that fair? Can there be all White awards without people getting angry? As an Asian American i find the actions of the butt hurt Will Smith, his wife, and others deplorable. Ellen, Neil Patrick Harris, and Chris Rock are comedians and entertainers… getting gigantic paychecks to do just that… A Mistral show… come on. I am all for equality but these people are bullies. #bullyequalityintoAmerica

  13. Isn't it obvious that perhaps their weren't enough black actors worthy of an acting nomination. Will Smith was a longshot for an Academy Award nomination, with Michael B. Jordan. The actress and supporting actress race was completely white. The only black actor close to an Academy Award nomination was Idris Elba, but with the complaints of Tom Hardy and Mark Ruffalo not getting enough recognition for their performances, they took Elba down.


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